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Michael's Aviation Blog Launches New Aviation Knowledge Quiz Category - -

Mon, 6 Feb 2012 00:22:38 EST

Michael's Aviation Blog is excited to offer an Aviation Knowledge Quiz category to enhance the aviation rich content of the blog.  In this section of the blog we are offering a short quiz that will test your knowledge on a variety of aviation related topics.  The quizzes will be available starting in February of 2012.

In an interview, Michael Moore, the creator of Michael's Aviation Blog said:  "I have been wanting to offer an aviation related test or quiz category on the blog for quite some time.  It took a few hours of research to find a quiz platform that provides a user friendly experience for my readers.  I believe that pilots and aviation enthusiasts of all levels will find the quizzes enjoyable.'

Michael continued to say:  "The old saying that pilots should learn something new every day holds true now more than ever.  Rules and regulations a basically the same, but even General Aviation aircraft have become so advanced, that we must stay on top of our game at all times.  I plan to offer a wide range of quiz topics such as:  Federal Aviation Regulations, basic aerodynamics, and subjects out of the Aeronautical Information Manual.  I hope that my readers will either learn something new, or find the quizzes a good review of information they already knew.'

'Also, visit our Facebook page:  'Aviation Outlet'. I encourage you to participate with you favorite aviation photo or video.'

Source: WebWire

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