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The Snugg Asks, Will You be Buying 'The New iPad'? Apple is Certain You Will After You Get Your Hands on One

Wed, 21 Mar 2012 10:35:47 EST

After months of speculation and product leaks, many now know what is hitting the shelves. According to the official Apple site page, it's called The New iPad, rather than what many guessed would be the 'iPad 3' and its key feature is the new high definition 'retina screen' supplied by Samsung. Otherwise, the new iPad looks largely the same; it's the hardware under the bonnet that's changed.
Will this be enough however, to persuade Apple loyalists or even general tablet consumers, to go out and buy one when they hit the shelves?
For those that have yet to see the technical specs, the new 'Retina Screen' boasts a resolution of 2048 x 1536, four times the resolution boasted by the iPad 2, and million more pixels than your average 1080p HDTV. Colour saturation is also 44% greater than it was on the iPad 2, making photos, video and media appear even more crisp and vivid.
The Snugg's Managing Director, Mr Richard Mercer, stated that:
'It's a worthy upgrade. Ultimately, the iPad is a media consumption device and its app store helps it to serve this purpose perfectly. By updating the display, it opens the door to richer video viewing, high definition gaming and it ultimately allows developers to squeeze more in. The new 'retina display' has a higher resolution and boasts an increased colour saturation over the iPad 2 so that photos and video will look truly amazing. Now, to run the retina screen's 3.1 million pixels, Apple has upped the CPU from an A5 to a quad core A5X which will allow for greater response times and of course, more immersive apps. Despite all of this though, because no radical change has taken place, some might view the New iPad as an upgrade, as opposed to an entirely new model. It's worth bearing in mind however that the iPad 2 was great, so why change it when you can just  improve what works well already?' 
Even with the introduction of these new features, the New iPad retains a similar form factor as before. It's a little heavier and ever so slightly thicker than its predecessor, although it still sports the same home button and black bezel around the outside. Other updates of note include the new iSight 5 megapixel camera, which is the same as that used in the iPhone 4S, as well as the capability to shoot video in HD, complimented well by the new screen.
'As a case maker for the iPad, of course what we're interested in is consumer uptake and device dimensions. We feel that a tight fit is essential, so we re-designed our best selling iPad 2 Cover with a view to making it the iPad 3 Case of choice for people upgrading. However, reports from Mashable suggest that Apple will continue to produce the iPad 2; so we will focus on both the iPad 2 and the New iPad as consumers make the transition' says Mr Mercer.
Continued sales growth at The Snugg suggests that there is also a lucrative market for older iPad devices: with many educational institutions buying them in bulk and then purchasing iPad Covers in to protect them, even iPad 1 Case sales are still strong.
'Essentially, as a company we've come this far by giving iPad and tablet buyers exactly what they want. If the iPad 2 continues to be a big seller then we shall continue to provide the masses with our ever popular iPad 2 Cases. Our latest 'New iPad Case' is made with the same high quality materials to the same high specification as before; so we should see a relatively swift uptake among the early adopters. As ever with new releases, we won't be able to draw any solid conclusions until at least a month or two post-launch, but we expect to see a surge where original iPad users skipped the iPad 2, waiting instead for the 3rd generation model' states Mr Mercer.
For those that upgraded to the iPad 2 not so long ago, they may wait a while until the app store has time to catch up, to make full use of the upgraded processing power and resolution. Although when that day comes, Apple seems certain that we will all be converted. There are however, some groups who opted to make their devices last longer, holding on to their original iPad, eagerly awaiting Apple's latest release. Either way, If you're looking to upgrade now, then visit The Snugg for a New iPad Case
- ENDS -
About TheSnugg:

The Snugg has been offering its customers the opportunity to safeguard their technological assets with stylish, quality cases since their formation in 2010. Based in Bolton, the company operates internationally across Europe, Australia, New Zealand, China and the US, becoming a best-seller in five territories.
For further information contact:
Email: help@TheSnugg.com
Website: www.TheSnugg.com

Source: WebWire

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